Body of late King Michael I will be brought back to Romania on 13th December

The lifeless body of King Michael I will be brought to Romania on 13th December. The Royal House has announced today the program of the funeral services for the late monarch, who passed away yesterday, at 96.

Today, Peleș Castle, Royal Palace and Elisabeta Palace will open condolences books, which will be available for the public for the next 40 days.

Meanwhile, the Royal Family continues to receive condolence messages.

Among those who mourn the late King is President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker. In a statement, the official wrote that the news of His Majesty's departure from our world, has saddened him deeply and he brought his condolences toward all Romanians for their loss.

Crown Princess Margareta has also declared that she will continue serving Romania, with the same principles and feelings as her late father.

"I have lost, as you all did, a parent. It is a great loss for me, as well as the whole Nation. In those difficult moments, our pain brings us together" Crown Princess Margareta said.

King Michael I of Romania has passed away yesterday in his residence in Switzerland. Last year, the Monarch has stopped appearing in public, as his health deteriorated.

King Michael I was 96-years-old and suffered from a difficult type of cancer.

The lifeless body of King Michael I will be brought to Romania with an aircraft of the Defense Ministry. He will be taken to the Hall of Honor from Peleș Castle, afterward, for two days, to the Throne Room, of the Royal Palace.

The Monarch will be buried at Curtea de Argeș, in a new Archbishopric and Royal Cathedral, where last year, his wife Queen Ana was put to rest.

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