Bloody catfight in Botanica sector. Two police teams and an ambulance were required to calm down the spirits

Two drunk sisters, of 31 and 33 years old, had a catfight to blood in their own apartment in Botanica sector.

On of them injured her hand after breaking the glass from the door. Two law enforcement teams had to be dispatched to calm them down.

It all took place while three children were watching and could not stop crying, the oldest being of only 3-year-old.

The fight begun from a cell phone. One of the woman used the phone without permission. The ambulance and police being called in by their mother.

"-She is fighting with police officer. -Madam, what happened?

-Two sisters got drunk and started fighting!"

The 31-year-old woman, with most injuries, refused to be treated. She acted aggressively with both the doctors and police officers.

"-Calm down and let the doctor treat you. -What doctor?"

Despite barely holding themselves on their feet, one of the woman accused the officers of scaring the children.

"-We are all reasonable humans here! What did I do? -The children are afraid of you. -No, they are afraid of you! -They are scared of your behavior."

The women will come today to the Police Inspectorate from Botanica sector to give statements. At the moment, there have been no complaints about them. Law enforcement will also call for a social assistant.

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