Blood donation campaign set off: Over 70,000 donations made annually in Republic of Moldova

The blood donation campaign organized by the National Transfusion Center started in partnership with the Ministry of Health.

According to official data, the most demanded is the first negative group, which is 16 percent of the population. The current reserves of the National Transfusion Center and hospitals are sufficient for at least a week. 

"A blood product taken from the body can be stored for up to 42 days. Plasma, the liquid side of the blood, can be kept for up to two years because it is frozen. While thrombocytes have a life of no more than 7 days, "said Natalia Cebotari, director of the National Blood Transfusion Center.

People know how important it is to donate blood:

"I'm trying to be useful, too, to influence young people today to change a destiny and perhaps a life."

"It is necessary once in a year to donate blood. Because our donors are also a refresh for the blood and body. "

Among those who have campaigned are the head of the General Police Inspectorate. Alexandru Pînzari says he is donating blood since the age of 15.

"For any man it is necessary to help someone, given that we are policemen, motivates us even more and I have a great pleasure to attend this exercise," the head of the PGI said.

Each donor received the food needed to supplement the calories lost.

More than 70,000 blood donations are made annually in the Republic of Moldova, covering the treatment for about 21,000 patients.

Blood donors must be between 18 and 60 years of age and have no serious health problems.

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