Blood donation campaign mounted in Chisinau, Bălţi and Comrat

Blood donation campaign has been launched in Chisinau, Bălţi and Comrat in the intention of Health Ministry. 

A young man aged 26 and have donated 23 times. His first time was at the age of 18, advised by his father. 

"My father encouraged me to try as he had donated for lots of times. It's good for your health and we feel helpful", said donor Radu Cupcea.

More blood is needed although donors are not lacking, say employees of the Capital Transfusion Center 

"It's not painful, i think more people should come, just because of their heath as well". 

Annually, around 80,000 people donate blood. In 2017, over 86 percent of them were volunteers.

"Donors should be healthy, aged between 18 - 60 and have identity card", said the Deputy Director of the National Transfusion Center, Silvia Rosca.

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