Blizzard hits Moldova bringing heavy snow and strong winds

(6:35 p.m.) 17 villages in Leova, Comrat, Basarabeasca and Taraclia districts have remained with no electricity.  The traffic in other 4 localities in Cahul district is blocked. Meanwhile, rescuers have another intervention truck on the spot. 

(5:07 p.m.) Drivers who encounter traffic problems due to snowfall are urged to notify authorities and officials of the Ministry of Transport. According to representatives of Emergency Situations, 20 localities in 4 district remain without electricity. 

(5:05 p.m.) An accident has occurred near Troinita Noua village, and the traffic has been blocked for several hours. A bus has skidded and has overturned. According to Emergency Situations Service, the traffic of trucks on several routes in the country is still prohibited.

(4:35 p.m.) The traffic in the capital is still heavy. 

(3:34 p.m.) The border crossing is not authorized on two border crossing point. The Airport’s information service informs that the snowfall and strong wind had triggered an up to two-hour delay in the take-off and landing of planes bound for London. Also, the landing of a plane from Bucharest was delayed too. At the same time, today, there were delays in the take-offs and landings of planes flying to and from Russia and Istanbul and the Vienna-Chisinau flight was cancelled.

(2:00 p.m.) Heavy snow and blizzard has been recorder all over the country. Cars are stuck in drifts in the south of country  at this time all over the country. Civil Protection and Emergencies representatives urge people not to start long journeys on routes in the south of the country.

"Rescuers were asked to get two truck on two blocked national routes. Employees of Emergencies Ministry of Internal Affairs managed to unlock transport. The rescuers managed to get out two buses and two cars near Vulcanesti town who were stuck ", said press officer CPESS, Liliana Puscasu.

(1:00 p.m) Emergencies Service Employees are working in nonstop regime and urge people to call 901 if they get stuck in snow.

Bizzard and strong snowfall has hit three center-south regions along with easy snow in north of Moldova. The air mass is expected to reach -20 degrees Celsius.

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The Ministry of Transport and Roads Infrastructure informs that people are traveling in winter conditions on the roads in the center, and southern Moldova. During the night 12 trucks have intervened along with 29 workers cleaning the roads. 86 tons of material skid has been used. 

"Today, snow will fall until 3 p.m. after witch the blizzard will start to slow down. Right now it's snowing hard in the south and the central region of the country. The air mass is expected to reach -20 degrees Celsius" , informs meteorologist Genadie Rosca.

With snowfall intensifying, the number of workers of the State Road Administration has been increased, and by this time we have a road section where the traffic is stopped. MTRI urges drivers to be vigilant and adapt the traffic speed to the weather in order to avoid accidents.

According to PUBLIKA.MD reporter, there were no accidents recorded, except in Telenesti district where two cars have crashed. The INP has increased the number of trucks on local and national roads. 

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