BLACK NIGHT from 1941. 75 years from first deportations to Siberia and Kazakhstan

75 years ago, thousands of Moldovan people were put in trains and forcefully brought thousands of kilometers away, in Siberia and Kazakhstan, just because they weren’t suit for the regime. In the night of 12 to 13 June 1941, the first wave of Stalinist deportations in Bessarabia and Northern Bucovina was started.

Today in Chisinau will be organized a commemorative meeting for the victims of the political repressions, and at the monument in front of the Railway Station people will put flowers.

In Bessarabia and Northern Bucovina have been three waves of deportations, organized by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Soviet Union. At the first operation, from June 1941, in the lists made by soviet officials, were included almost 33 thousand people from the two provinces.

While making the lists, it was taken into account the activity and studies of the head of family, his fortune and if he cooperated with the Romanian administration. the other two operations were done in july 1949 and april 1951.

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