Black model re-created world's top campaigns as call for more diversity

Deddeh Howard is a 27-year-old model, medical student and fashion blogger raised in Liberia but living in Los Angeles, according to

She collaborated with her photographer boyfriend Raffael Dickreuter to re-create some of the world’s biggest modelling campaigns – including ones by Dolce & Gabbana and Victoria’s Secret – as “a call for more diversity” in the industry, in a series called Black Mirror.

She told BuzzFeed News: “I thought it was perfect because we are mirroring two images. When you [black women] look in the mirror you question: ‘This could be me, why is this not me?

Howard said she finds it “unbelievable” and “bizarre” that there are hardly any models of colour featured in fashion magazines. “There are many beautiful black models and they are not represented the way they should be,” she said.

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