Bizarre toy to help you focus at work

Flipping paper clips, clicking pens or squeezing stress balls – most of us have our own way of mindlessly fidgeting while deep in thought, DailyMail informs.

Now, two brothers have developed a new method that lets you fidget discretely at your desk, all while increasing focus and productivity.

Called Fidget Cube, this pocket-sized desk toy is designed with six tactile surfaces that lets you flip, roll, click, rub, spin and glide over until your heart's content.

Fidget Cube is the brainchild of Matthew and Mark McLachlan, two brothers who designed the Apple Watch accessory Duet.

And the product comes in eight different colour schemes: die, graphite, midnight, aqua, sunset, berry, fresh and retro.
Each side of the toy has a different mechanism that should fit everyone’s fidgeting needs.

There are clickable buttons that resemble the action of clicking a pen.

On this side there are three clicker buttons and two silenced buttons, which lets you fidget without disturbing everyone else around you.

Consumers can purchase one cube for $19 and shipments are expected this December to anywhere in the world.

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