Bill against foreign propaganda rejected solely by PSRM and PCRM

The law against foreign propaganda has gained today 61 voted in the Parliament. The project was supported by deputies from PDM, PL, PPE and PLDM. The document was debated for over two hours and as usual, there have been those who opposed it.

The project was initiated by president of PDMVlad Plahotniuc.

"With 61 voted, project No. 189 from 13th June 2017 was voted and received in two parliamentary sessions" Vice-President of Moldovan Parliament, Vladimir Vitiuc said.

Socialist deputies have questioned if events from European Union broadcast in news will also be considered propaganda.

"If one, or many Television channels from abroad, even from Republic of Moldova, speak of events which took place in European Union, regarding Brexit, or any problems Spain had or has with Catalonia. Will it be considered as propaganda against Republic of Moldova?" socialist Vasile Bolea questioned.

"Mister master in sports and demagogy. The concept is to limit only informative, analytic, politic and military programs. This project is not aiming to shut down any foreign TV channels" democrat Sergiu Sîrbu answered.

"You will come forward and say that KVN, or cartoon Masha and the Bear might also be propaganda" socialist Vasile Bolea replied.

"Do not fear! You will continue being able to watch Masha and the Bear. We have no intention of shutting down this cartoon entertaining the children and you" Sîrbu said.

"The rose will smell like one, except if it was sprayed with something else" socialist Vasile Ţurcan said.

"I do not know what liquid you use for your roses, but we prefer water. It makes them grow, bloom and be more beautiful by each passing day. Thank you" democrat Sergiu Sîrbu replied.

Communists, as a sign of protest, have left the room.

"Nobody is allowed to tell me what channel to watch. In no way. Regardless of what law you adopt" communist Vladimir Voronin said.

"The Communist Party is fully against this law. We are against it to be voted, as it will breach the Parliament's regulation" PCRM deputy, Inna Şupac declared.

Liberal deputies, Liberal- Democrat deputies and those from European People's Party have supported the project.

"All liberals from Europe have understood that Russian propaganda is ruining bit by bit Human's rights and that of the nation. I wish to say that from now on, by voting this law, the TV program Davai pogovorim (Let us speak) will be called Davai pomolcim (Let us stay silent)" liberal Mihai Ghimpu said.

"This project is a small step in ensuring the information space and we must continue, to take other measures, especially increasing the level of information culture" PPEM deputy, Mihaela Spatari announced.

This project is meant to combat foreign propaganda through rebroadcast, by limiting broadcast and rebroadcast of information-analytical, political and military programs in Republic of Moldova.

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