Bilateral relationship between Moldova and Ukraine discussed by Chiril Gaburici and Stepan Kubiv

The minister of Economy and Infrastructure, Chiril Gaburici held a meeting with Stepan Kubiv Ukraine vice prime minister for Economic Development and Trade. The meeting took place within the second ministry reunion in trade field.

The officials discussed about the bilateral relations between Moldova and Ukraine in economy, trade, industry, infrastructure and transports field.

"I am happy that the trade with Ukraine increased. Due to the efficient cooperation, the Ukraine ranks 5th in the top of the countries that cooperated with the Republic of Moldova. It is important for the Moldovan products to be exported on the Ukraine market", declared Chiril Gaburici.

At his turn, Stepan Kubiv appreciated the cooperation between Moldova and Ukraine within the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Zone.

"I want to reiterate that Ukraine indents to support the Republic of Moldova in implementing investment projects.'

Among the topics there are: infrastructure projects, trade cooperation, common touristic projects.

Also, the officials discussed about the progress and the challenges of the DCFTA.

The volume of the foreign trade of the Republic of Moldova with Ukraine recored 657,5 million USD, which raised by 80,9 million USD in comparison with 2017.

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