BIG FESTIVAL at Nisporeni. The atmosphere was completed by numerous artists and fireworks

With wishes for good and health, under a sky invaded by spectacular fireworks and in an atmosphere of fire with chosen music. That's how it was spent the night in Nisporeni.

At the event organized with the support of the President of the Democratic Party, Vlad Plahotniuc, thousands of people from the district, but also from other parts of the country gathered to welcome the New Year. 

"At the Christmas Fair in Nisporeni, dreams are fulfilled. These fireworks cast off all the evils of the past year." 

The center of the city was unbearable for the party people who came to meet the year 2019 in the Christmas atmosphere of the Christmas village, recently inaugurated. 

"People smile and celebrate, today dreams are fulfilled".

The tone of the party was given by the orchestra of the Advahov brothers, who accompanied Nicholas and Isidor Glib, Igor Rusu, Maria Iliut and the ensemble "The Iguana Creangutza". And the singer Natalia Gordienco has gathered herself with the famous song "Sledge with the Bears". 

"Your lovers are nice to give them water with millet and fly like kites. More beautiful my pride tonight I go to her, a sled with bumps". 

Later, on the rhythm of the Zdob and Zdub, the plows were brought to the scene, a sign of plenty for the year 2019.

"Tomorrow the year is renewed, the plow starts, we start to hate, to the houses to wander". 

The event was also the president of the Democratic Party, Vlad Plahotniuc,

"Together with you, we will continue to do many beautiful things both in the country and here in Nisporeni. I will always be with you, I will be next to you and will help you to accelerate this useful and beneficial road for the country and the people. want to have a good year to spend, people, embrace them with the people you want them the best in the world, loved ones health and many years", said DPM leader, Vlad Plahotniuc

In turn, people have expressed confidence that 2019 will be a prosperous year.

"A rich year to be, prosperity and what promised to dream of the word, to be healthy and to be able to keep on wheels, we are next to him permanently, we will support him. He is a man who works for us in Nisporeni, but not only here and throughout the Republic of Moldova". 

"- Happy New Year!

- Thanks a lot! Come on with us.

- I'm gonna sit here, I'm not gonna go.

- Here to stay!" 

"A lot of health! Happy New Year!" 

"- Health, success.

- Together we'll do it!

- Thank you!

- "Happy New Year! The wishes continued throughout the evening".

" Give them, Lord, health, that they are better than all! To hear a wish, mothers and households! That, so willingly, we grow Moldova together! And now at the end, a hunt is required. Get it, man! Come!" 

SunStroke Project have maintained the atmosphere until midnight. And such a party is celebrated with a snack and a glass of mulled wine were served free people.

"- How do you feel?

- Great, great, great".

"I came with his family to spend New Year's Eve ever". 

"We feel very good because I'm originally from here, from Nisporeni and is really festive atmosphere". 

People wanted to immortalize the New Year's moments in photos.

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