Big concert from Nisporeni is about to be started. Workers make last preparations

The preparation for the concert in Nisporeni are ongoing. The workers started to install the stage where the artists will evolve.

The organizers say it will be a great performance.

"There will be a lot of lights. Also, there will be two big screens of 30 square meters.

At the concert will evolve such Romanian artists as Antonia, 3 Sud Est band. The big surprise is Carla's Dreams band. The children can't wait forward for the concert to begin.

On the Nisporeni stage there will also be a mask parade and the night will be finished by fireworks. Everybody who will come at the concert will enjoy a free glass of boiled wine. Now, at the Christmas fair the children have fun. The rink is always full.
"We came here many times, but now it is a little bit harder, because of the snow."

"It is wonderful for the kids. We can take them to walks. We don't have the possibility to go to Chisinau, because it is too expensive."

The Christmas fair from Nisporeni is organized by Vlad Plahotniuc's foundation, Edelweiss. This will be opened since January 31.

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