Better conditions for pupils: Ialoveni gymnasium toilets to be repaired

The pupils of Grigore Vieru gymnasium from Ialoveni will no longer use the old toilets of the education institution. The Government allocated 200 thousand lei to renovate them. Yesterday, the Minister of Education, Culture and Research, Monica Babuc paid a visit to the gymnasium.

"The walls are full of cracks. -When was the building built? -It was given into operation in 1994. -It also smells terrible."

Among the 12 toilets, only three work. Thus, the 200 pupils use the yard toilet.

"We face many issues, especially during the winter", said Diana Castravet teacher.

The maids say that it is very hard to keep the places clean.

"It doesn't matter how hard I try to clean, it doesn't help", said Maria Spanu, maid.

The repair works will start the next month, thus, the pupils will start the new year in better conditions.

"Finally we will have good conditions", said Tatiana Placinta, the director of Ialoveni gymnasium.

The project is implemented due to the Moldova Fund of Social Investments.

"The Ministry of Education, Culture and Research has always monitored this problem. This is why in February, the Government allocated money for such projects in 22 institutions", said Monica Babuc, the minister of Education, Culture and Research.

For the renovation of the toilets, the Government allocated 5 million lei.

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