Better conditions for children from Kindergarten No. 47. Playground was cleaned are repainted

The playground of Kindergarten No. 47 from Râşcani sector of the Capital, was cleaned and repainted. The works were performed by an economic agents that decided to take part in the Do Something Good for Chisinau campaign, initiated by independent candidate Silvia Radu.

Most impressed were the parents who claim that the kindergarten needed some changes.

"This is necessary to all kindergartens. We know that children love colors. We are happy, but wish for more changes" a parent declared.

"It is more colorful and pleasant, newer. The parents greet this and ask if more changes will follow and if anyone else will offer such help" director of No. 47 kindergarten, Olga Gorceag said.

Representative of the economic agent who made the investment claims that this is only the beginning. Following, they will invest to arrange the yard.

"Children are our future and we wish to help raise the future generations of our country" representative Tatiana Afanasiev said.

Silvia Radu, who launched the campaign, has also participated. She assured that children will not be affected by the smell of paint, because works are done in the evening.

"I came to the kindergarten because I also have children. I know what it means for the kindergarten to have good conditions. I wish to help the team send by a private company to arrange this institution" independent candidate running for Mayor, Silvia Radu said.

Silvia Radu urges other economic agents to invest in various projects for the Capital. Kindergarten No. 47 is attended by over 200 children.

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