Better childhood for Nisporeni town children. There is new playground in town

Nisporeni town kids will experience a better and more beautiful childhood. A new playground was opened today in the town with the project “Edelweiss Parks” by Vlad Plahotniuc “Edelweiss” foundation. The campaign involves the construction of a playground with children with special needs and will be soon opened in the capital.

Nisporeni children have a lack of playgrounds other than the old ones installed in kindergardens and schools, the littles have only one. Children didn't hesitate to test the new playground.

Parents say that this playground will now be the main attraction for children.

Local authorities said the initiative is welcomed, since children in Nisporeni did not have a playground so well arranged.

"You can see on children's faces that they are very happy. For us this event is a celebration. I even want to thank the Nisporeni District Council and the founder of Edelweiss Foundation, Vlad Plahotniuc for this generosity" , said vicepresident  of Nisporeni district, Ghenadie Verdes.

"This playground has a strategic importance for us. Since every investment you make today, our children will bring back over decades in our society. For children, in fact, was a great joy" , said Nisporeni mayor Grigore Robu.

This kind of playgrounds were opened in Hancesti and Ialoveni cities .

The "Edelweiss Parks" program was launched by Vlad Plahotniuc "Edelweiss" foundation and involves opening of 40 playgrounds in the following months in several cities.

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