Best smelling event from Moldova. Flowers festival took place in Cimislia

The residents of Cimislia town attended Floriilor festival. 40 flowers growers brought the plants that they grow. From decorative and exotic to potted plants, all were exhibited at the festival. The authorities say that they want to teach the Moldovans how to plant more trees and flowers.

In order to be more persuasive, over 300 children made a parade of the most liked flowers by Moldovans.

"We have flowers that are rare in Moldova."
The flowers growers say that even if they work a lot, this business gives them profit.

"Here we have six types of flowers and here 14. -What is the price? -15 lei for one flower."

"It is very hard to take care about the flowers."

A craftswoman brought flowers made of trash. 

"I mage these flowers of plastic bags."

Even if the flowers were the main actor of the event, other craftsmen brought ribbons.

"We made flowers of ribbons."

The visitors bought as many flowers as they could.

"The market is filled by flowers. Today's holiday brought many flowers."

At the event came some politicians.
"The flowers make us forget many of our problems. Being a deputy from Cimislia, I want to make a flower out of my city", said Dumitru Diacov, DPM honor president.

"We want to organize such events all over Moldova, not only in Cimislia. The flowers are very important. All the women should have many flowers in their households", said Iovu Bivol, Cimislia district president.

The 6th edition of the event gathered visitors from 11 districts. 

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