Best 500 nurses in Moldova receive diplomas of merit for dedication

The House of Culture in Criuleni hosted today the Republican conference dedicated to the Medical Assistant Day. On this occasion, the 500 best nurses in the country received diplomas of merit for dedication and responsibility.

Nurses received diplomas in gratitude for their work.

"We are from the Institute of Emergency Medicine, where we have up to hundred hospitalizations. I want to tell you that I am proud to be a nurse."

The best employees in the field were selected based on patient recommendations and on-the-job performance.

"Looking at the data from the Ministry of Health, we saw that the lack of nurses is in the cities, in Chisinau, they deserve all our appreciation, respect, without a nurse you can not work, "Luminiţa Suveică, Head of the Chisinau Public Health Center.

The event was organized by the Association of Nurses from Moldova.

"The Association of nurses actually is a public institution that offers over the years training and instruction platforms," said Valentina Buliga, the president of the Women's Organization of the PDM.

This year, the Republican conference was hosted for the first time by the city of Criuleni.

"This year, we started several projects related to the rehabilitation of Criuleni hospital and I think that's why the International Association of Nurse has made the decision to stimulate Criuleni in this way, "said Veaceslav Burlac, president of Criuleni district.

18 thousand nurses are working in the medical institutions in our country. 

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