Beneficiaries who fail to receive Easter aid will take it by year end

People who are offered 600-lei Easter aid should receive it by the end of this year. 

According to National House for Social Insurance (NHSI), beneficiaries who fail to do so might take it after holidays. 

Until now, 90% of beneficiaries have taken their Easter aid. 

397,000 of them received at post offices and 148,000 persons by bank transmission. 

NHSI already transferred service providers around 370,000 lei. 

Pensioners, people with disability including beneficiaries of social allocation with less-than-2000-lei income. 

The law stipulating to offer Easter aid came into force through liability taken by government. 

Previously, the 600-lei winter aid was also provided for pensioners. Persons who failed to take it might by the end of this year. Initiative was set up by PDM Vlad Plahotniuc.


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