Beneficiaries from Costesti village received the unique help on winter holidays

The 61,000 beneficiaries of social allowances in the country can raise their unique aid amounting to 600 lei, granted on the occasion of winter holidays.

We are talking about people with disabilities, pensioners, military in term, as well as participants in the liquidation of the Chernobyl disaster. 

At the post office in the village of Costesti, Ialoveni district, people queued at the counters. Unique support has also been transferred to cards. 

Galina Bivol from Costesti village suffers from childhood speech disability. The woman raises a state social allowance, usually granted to persons who do not have a full contribution period or have not been able to prove with evidence that they have worked. Unique state support is welcome, she says. 

"It is a help, for heating, especially because it is winter, and for food", said Galina Bivol, a unique support beneficiary. 

And other connoisseurs say the money will catch them well: 

"I received the compensation, the 600 lei and the pension for a child who is grouped. It is very difficult for children with disabilities, 600 lei, that I think is good.".

"Any money is helpful. Here I have to pay bills".

"It's good to go to the hill for 3-4 times with the tractor, for diesel, so everyday I'm spending 200 lei on the diesel".

"We are pleased that we see the state taking care and thanks to it. Give the ladies to go ahead and be able to help us".

At Costeşti, about 3,000 people will benefit from unique holiday help.

"We have over 2,000 pensioners, we have invalids and childhood, we have the 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree, all of us benefit. We introduce the personal code to the computer and the amount appears, we order the money, we have them", said Elena Rusu, director of the post office in Costesti village, Ialoveni. 

"We have talked very much with the citizens, and it is sure that it is a good time and a welcome moment for the help of low-income families. This special help that has been received since December is the first time," said Natalia Petrea, Costesti. 

According to the National Social Insurance House, those who will not be able to raise 600 lei by the end of January will receive the money during the whole year at the post offices,

Only 37 million lei were allocated from the state budget for the granting of the unique aid. In December, the aid also reached the pockets of over 500,000 beneficiaries of all types of pensions below 2000 lei.

The initiative to offer 600 lei for the celebration table came from the President of the Democratic Party, Vlad Plahotniuc.


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