Ben Kelmanson: Moldova recovered from crisis and enjoys a stable economic situation

Ben Kelmanson, who led the team of experts from International Monetary Fund, visiting Chisinau, has offered to perform an evaluation upon the Government regarding how well the terms signed with IMF are being respected.

At the same to he expressed his gratitude for the bilateral cooperation with Republic of Moldova.

"It is a pleasure to be back here, celebrating one year since the signing of IMF agreement. I wish to express my appreciation for this cooperation we have with you team. At the same time, I wish to offer an evaluation. We are in Chisinau for two weeks, for a double mission: the second evaluation of the program and give consultations as stated by article 4, as it is done in all the rest of IMF member states. Moldova has enjoyed a rather stable economic situation. A rise since the crisis. I pleases me to announce that Republic of Moldova and International Monetary Fund has come to an agreement that will be later on approved by the IMF union. The perspective for Moldova are favorable. On medium term, we foresee a 4% economic raise. Still, significant risks remain, namely macro-financial. Monetary policies put you at easy, but you must be prepared to switch the position. I wish to congratulate you with everything you have accomplished so far" Ben Kelmanson declared.

PUBLIKA reminds that a team of experts from International Monetary Fund has to come to visit Chisinau on October 24- November 7. The mission has analysed recent economic development in our country, as well as the progress in implementing the program.

At the same time, during the visit they have evaluated the macro-economic perspectives.

International Monetary Fund has approved, unanimous, to finance Republic of Moldova on November 2016. Through this agreement, Moldova will receive around 182 million US dollars, out of which 59 million were already provided.

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