Before Easter, Border Guards decided to measure their strength in an athletic championship

Before Easter, Border Guards decided to measure their strength in an athletic championship that takes place every year. Eight teams were formed out of 80 sportsmen, all representing subdivisions of the Border Guards.

Dumitru Ciolac won the title of the fastest person in the 100 meter race. He managed to cross the distance in 12 seconds and 27 milliseconds.

Officers confessed that sport is present both at their workplace, as well as after hours.

"This is not the first time I participate in this competition. I first took part in it back in 2008, when I was only just a student at the Military Academy. Since then, I always rank among the first" officer Dumitru Ciolac said.

Dionisie Dercaci managed to finish the 3 000 meter race in 10 minutes and 28 seconds.

"I used to love sports. Perhaps this is what gives me an advantage at the moment. This is well thought, to organize the championship before Easter, since afterward I doubt that we would be able to run as fast" officer Deonisie Dercaci said.

Fighter Mihai Sava, who is employed at the General Inspectorate of the Border Police, also participated in this competition.

"I feel at home on the mats, but I also like running, even if I am not the best at it" officer Mihai Sava said.

The 5 000 meter race was won by Valentin Tărîţă, who finished in 18 minutes and 29 seconds. Following close behind was Andrei Onici.

"I did not expect to win. The opponents were strong. Everyone trained, but I won and proved the strength of Centers of Excellence and Expertise" officer Valentin Tărîţă said.

The 400 meter run was won by employees from General Inspectorate of the Border Police. The competition for teamwork was won by Centers of Excellence and Expertise.

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