Beauty salon visits female detainees in prison no.16

Women from the detention facility nr. 16 gained a new look. Three specialists from Chisinau gave the inmates a haircut. The hair was made based on the client’s preference, but the specialist’s opinion was also taken into consideration.

Maria has to spend five years behind bars for killing her husband. She gave birth in the facility. The stylists managed to brighten her day.

“I told them how I look best. My bangs used to be on a side, but they told me that I will look better in another way”, inmate Maria said.

She was not the only woman who wished to be refreshed.

“It is a wonderful thing that there are people willing to help. Only because we are in jail doesn’t mean that we don’t have to look beautiful or take care of ourselves for our kids, or beloved ones. Not even jail bars can keep a woman from looking her best.”

“I love the result. I’m getting out soon, on 8th September and decided how I want to look, in order to at least take a walk and feel good.”

Stylist Victor Micusa claims that it is not the first time he does such a thing.

“When a person enjoys your work, the satisfaction is doubled. Our work here is appreciated differently than in a hair salon.” hairdresser Victor Micusca claims.

Priest Maxim Melinti, the founder of this project, who often organizes social charities for inmates.

“A person should have a beautiful face, hands and soul. That’s why we try our best to make sure that a person is beautiful both on the inside and on the outside.” priest Maxim Melinti asserts.

Even Phycologists from the facility enjoy this idea, insisting that it rises the inmate’s self-confidence.

“Of course I support them, this is why this event took place. We shouldn’t forget that they don’t stop being women just because they are behind bars. We want to prop them up. “Natalia Cojocari, chief of the psychological assistance of the 16th detention facility, said.

Nine mothers are doing their sentence in the detention facility no.16.


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