Beauty of Milky Way captured in stunning time-lapse images (VIDEO)

The beauty of the glittering Milky Way has been captured in these stunning time-lapse composite images, the Thelegraph informs.

Landscape photographer Grey Chow, who is based in Kuala Lumpur, has shared many of his sensational starscape photos on social media.

The 30-year-old has travelled through Indonesia and Malaysia in search of stunning scenery for the perfect nightscape shots.

“Being able to capture the real thing – the beauty of the night sky – is just amazing,” he explained, the BBC reports.

One of the photographer’s most impressive time-lapse creations is of the iconic Mount Bromo, the active volcano in Indonesia.

So how does he create the impressive shots?

“Me and my friends spent six days and five nights in Java Island, Indonesia, hunting for Milky Way and sunrise (shots),” he explained.

“On the fourth night of the trip, we left at 7am and reached the Penanjakan 1 view point at around 8pm [and] spent the whole night there until sunrise.

He took a total of 120 photos of the star trails over a two-hour period before creating the final image using photo editing software.

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