Beautiful landscapes. Vadul lui Voda - most green town from Moldova (PHOTO REPORT)

Vadul lui Voda is the most green locality from our country. This information was approved by the National Bureau of statistics. Totally, there are eight thousand ha of green spaces in Moldova, which represent 8,7% of the cities' surface. On an average, each citizen benefits of 52 square meters. 

In Vadul lui Voda the each person benefits of 1.000 square meters of green space. The second in the top ranks Tvardita village from Taraclia, 326 square meters for each citizen, then Frunza town from Ocnita town. 

Another town in the ranking is Straseni with 100 square meters for person.

On the other side, we find Otaci town and Cahul - under 5 square meters.

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