Bank fraud: Two groups benefited of the money, the so called Gacikevici network and Filat, Platon, Sor triangle

The total sum that should be recovered by the bank system after the BEM, Unibank and Banca Sociala fraud is 10,7 billion lei. The sum was announced by Adriana Betisor, the deputy chief of the Anti-corruption Prosecutor's Office within a press conference where Eduard Harunjen, the general prosecutor and Bogdan Zumbreanu, the NAC chief have also been.

Betisor also said that the beneficiaries were already identified.

"We managed to reveal the final beneficiaries of that money. At this stage, we try to start acting abroad to identify the goods of these people who are involved in this case", said Adrian Betisor.

Thus, after the investigation it has been proven that after the bank fraud, two big groups benefited, the so called Gacikevici network, leaded by the former chief of Banca de Economii, who received over three billion lei and Filat, Platon, Sor triangle, that is concentrated around Vlad Filat, the former prime minister of Moldova, who was sentenced for bribery, Veaceslav Platon, sentenced for the Russian Laundromat scheme.

The group managed to steal 6,5 billion lei. The both networks obtained that money by offering illegal loans to off-shore companies.

The prosecutors also announced that they try to identify the abroad assets of the main actors of  Banca de Economii, Banca Sociala and Unibank fraud.

According to the prosecutors, over 200 penal cases were opened within the bank fraud case. A big part of the criminal files were already closed.

"We worked a lot. We opened almost 200 criminal files and the majority of those were closed and the participants were sent for trial", said Eduard Harunjen, the general prosecutor.


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