Bălți remained without a Mayor. Municipal Council accepted fugitive Renato Usatîi's resignation letter

Bălți remained without a Mayor. Municipal Council has accepted today fugitive Renato Usatîi's resignation letter. Therefore, snap elections will be organized in Bălți.

The date will be set by Electoral Commission, after it will receive the Municipal Council's decision regarding the resignation. Renato Usatîi announced that at the elections, from Our Party, Nicolae Grigorișin, who was recently named Deputy Mayor, will run for Mayor.

Usatîi fled to Russia in September 2016. During all this time, he managed Bălți through Skype. He is investigated for the assassination attempt upon Russian businessman Gherman Gorbunțov, but also for influencing the killer's statements. The former Mayor of Bălți is an international fugitive.

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