Bălţi might meet New Year's buried under garbage

Residents from Bălţi are risking to begin the new year swimming in trash, as authorities are not managing to take everything out.

With New Year around the corner, people from the city are facing with garbage scattered all over the city. Authorities have not managed to empty all the dumpsters after the economic agent that used to evacuate the trash has suspended its activity, people deciding to throw trash bags on the streets.

This greatly displeases multiple residents, who claims that they need to bear the horrid smell and the unsanitary conditions near dumpsters.

Moreover, some people complained that rats begun running around their apartment blocks and basements, because the trash is everywhere. Everything happened after the economic agent suspended its activity a week ago, due to pressures coming from fugitive Mayor, Renato Usatîi.

The duty to take out the trash was overtaken by a company of the City Hall, but it cannot manage the amount of work. Each day, it evacuates only 30% of the total trash volume.

The situation risks to become more grave during holidays, as the amount of garbage usually increases by 20% in that period. Authorities need to take urgent measures to avoid an ecological catastrophe. 

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