Balti election: Who are candidates for Mayor chair

More than 100,000 voters in Balti are going to cast their votes to choose one from eight candidates running for the mayor. 

People can go to one of the 58 polling stations that have been set up in the city and are open from 07:00.

Over 105 thousand 25-cm vote tickets are printed for Balti residents. 

There are over 101,000 voters living in the city, 1,210 in Sadovoe commune and about 2800 in Elizaveta commune.

Eight candidates fight today for the mayor's office of the Balti municipality. Seven of them were proposed by political parties, and one is independent.

Bălţi has no head since February, after the fugitive criminal Renato Usatîi, accused of ordering the murder of Russian banker Gherman Gorbunțov and who fled to Russia, resigned from office.

The first in the ballot is the candidate nominated by the Dignity and Truth Party, Arina Spătaru. She is the head of the Balti territorial organization of the party.

Next is the candidate of the Party of Socialists, Alexandr Usatîi. He is a municipal councilor, and previously he served as deputy mayor of the municipality.

The third in the list is Pavel Verejanu, who is running for the ŞOR Party. For two years he has the mandate of municipal councilor in Orhei and he is the president of the For Orhei faction.

Nicolai Grigorişin, from the party Our Party follows. He now serves as Deputy Mayor of Balti Municipality and also acts as interim mayor.

The fifth in the ballot is the candidate of the National Unity Party, Sergiu Burlacu. He is also the president of the party's territorial organization.

The list is completed by another member of Our Party party, but who runs independently. This is Elena Griţco, currently a municipal councilor.

The number seven in the ballot was given to the candidate of the Action and Solidarity Party, Simion Guţu. He is also the president of the PAS territorial organization in Balti.

The last one in the list of those fighting for the mayor's office in Balti is Oleg Topolnitski from the Russian-Slovak Party of Moldova. Topolnitski is the president of this political party.

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