Bălți councilmen to decide if referendum to dismiss fugitive mayor Renato Usatîi will be held

Bălți municipal council will decide today if an referendum will be held to dismiss fugitive mayor, Renato Usatîi. After the waste scandal from the city, he declared his willingness to resign if 51% will vote for it.

At the same time, Usatîi urged councilmen from "Our Party" to vote for the organization of the referendum.

The waste issue appeared in Bălţi two weeks ago, when the local administration annulled the contract with the economic agent who was evacuating the trash.

The Government interfered in solving the issue, after Prime Minister Pavel Filip received multiple complaints from citizens, as well as Bălți City Hall.

Earlier, three directors of the municipal enterprises Serghei Pcela, Larisa Bragari and Ștefan Munteanu have resigned, as they refused to take any more orders given through Skype by Renato Usatîi.

Yesterday, deputy Mayor of the city, Igor Șeremet, has submitted his resignation letter, after being pressured by the fugitive criminal.

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