Ballot papers for elections in Gagauzia Popular Assembly printed out

The ballot papers for the election in the Gagauzia Popular Assembly are printed today, 18 November 2016, at the Central Typography in Chisinau. For the Sunday elections are needed over 120,000 copies.

The process is supervised by the members of the Electoral Commission from Comrat and the employees of Information and Security Service.

At first was created the matrix, then were conducted more tests, and in the end was approved the final version of the ballot papers.

The ballot papers are printed on white paper with shades of purple and have 14 protection marks.

This evening the ballot papers will be taken to Comrat, and afterwards will be distributed in the 66 polling stations.

"We are planning to distribute the ballot papers to the polling stations tomorrow. According to the Election Code, the silence day, that is the period in which the electoral agitation is prohibited, is the day before the elections and the elections day: Saturday and Sunday" declared CEC president of Gagauzia Autonomy, Ivan Comur.

The elections in the Gagauzia Popular Assembly will take place in 35 districts of the autonomy.

In this election will participate 126 candidates, 75% of which are independent, and the rest were named by political parties.

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