Balance sheet of searched evolved at north of the country

Five persons aged between 20 and 41 from Balti and Drochia were detained. At the same time, after 30 searches evolved yesterday, March 12 have been found different goods such as pneumatic gun, knives, watches, gold jewelry, stunning amounts of money, SIM cards, mobile phones.

Also, the searches took place in four prisons(nr.4-Cricova, nr.6-Soroca, nr.11-Bălți and nr.18-Brănești).

According to the police, the suspects are members of a criminal group leaded by some defendants from prison. The suspects robbed some persons in the north of the country.

The leader of the criminal group aged 55 is a defendant of No.6 Prison form Soroca.


We mention that at the end of 2018, the police was seized in some cases of robbing old people's houses.

The defendants are suspect of committing robbery in Radoaia village, Singerei district that took place on February 23, 2019. Also, the suspects are blamed of committing some other encroaches. 


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