Bakers working nonstop during holidays to satisfy all clients

A cake is never missing from a holiday menu. To satisfy all clients, as well as the big number of orders, especially during this period, sweets manufacturers are working nonstop. Confectioneries are working from home in a busy schedule, as some Moldovans prefer to order cakes for New Year's.

Victoria Melnic is baking cakes for three years.The woman claims that during winter, the number of people who wishes to purchase cakes grows.

"Near holidays everyone wishes to surprise their beloved ones, wish to spend time with families enjoying a home made cake. Starting from vanilla and sour cherry sponge cake, to Ferrero Rocher cake, or something with more chocolate" baker Victoria Melnic said.

Confectioneries from the Capital are dealing with a large amount of clients. Their employees working more intense to manage to bake thousands of cakes. Each day, the enterprises do close to four thousand cakes, which are spread to shops from the country.

"During those holidays we usually bake ten times more cakes. People purchase more classic napoleon cake, Smetannik cake and chocolate cake- black prince" head of the confectionery production department, Tatiana Coadă said.

The price of a kg of home made cake starts from 250 lei, while factories request from 220 lei.

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