Bad news for smokers: Starting January 1 a pack of cigarettes costs four lei more

Smoking is expensive. After increasing the prices of the cigarettes, one pack of cigarettes cost four lei more. The minimum price is 25 lei. In case of the one without filter, the indexation is five lei.

The specialists warn that the prices will raise each year.

While some say that they will continue to smoke no matter the price, others say that this will make them quit.

"I will smoke anyway. I don't mind the price. I will continue to smoke no matter what."

Some smokers spend 2.000 lei monthly to buy cigarettes.

Cigarette sellers say that the new prices don't scary the smokers.

"They buy cigarettes anyway. Some foreigners are even happy that in Moldova the cigarettes are still cheap."

Moreover, this year, the law says that it is forbidden to sell cigarettes near the educational institutions.

"The cigarettes can only be sold on a distance of 200 meters away the booth", said Ion Salaru, the responsible of the Tobacco law. 

Starting September 2015, the non-smoking law entered into force. According to the National Agency for Public Health, 27% of the citizens were smokers. In two years, the number decreased by 2%. The data of the Agency shows that yearly, over 5 000 Moldovans die because of illnesses caused by smoking.

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