Bad News for Radu Albot who was DEFEATED at Olympic Games in Rio

Radu Albot ended evolution at the Olympic Games in Rio. Moldovan tennis player was eliminated by world number 14, croat Marin Cilic. Radu played well, but lost in two sets with the score 3-6; 4-6 in a match that lasted one hour and 40 minutes.

Alexandra Mîrcea has also finished development in Rio de Janeiro. She has reached the final sixteenth at the sample archery, where she was defeated by Chinese woman, Jiaxin Wu.
Mîrcea eventually lost by a score of 0-6.

Mîrcea had an outstanding performance in the first round. She managed to eliminate Aida Roman of Mexico, the 2014 world champion and silver medalist at the London Olympics. Moldovan representative was won with 6-4 points. Mîrcea Alexandra is 22 years old and it was her first time at the Olympics.

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