Bad luck for a young man from capital who wanted to pay rent from stolen money

A thief was trapped as he entered a cafe in the center of the capital.

Yesterday, close to midnight, the agents of a private watch were alert to triggering the alarm installed in the recreation area.

Done at the scene, agents of a private watch began to check the building. At one point, noises were heard from the second floor of the building. As they approached, the security guards came across the guy who was hiding behind a counter.

The guy was handcuffed. According to the head of the Internal Security Service of the respective security company, Diana Timciuc, the suspect is not at the first offense. The first time, it would have penetrated the same place last week, where it would have stolen over 30,000 lei.

In front of the camera, the individual admitted that he had penetrated in with the aim of stealing money, in order to pay for the host and other debts. On the other hand, however, he vehemently denied that a few days ago he would have entered the cafe.

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