Bad luck for a fruiter from Hancesti district. A half from his orchard was cut down in just one night

A fruiter from Hincesti district will not enjoy the results of his work. In one night, a half of orchard planted four years ago was cut down. Almost a hundred of plums, which were to produce this year for the first time, were cut to the ground by some unknown individuals. 

Ion Baltag suspects that the villains are among his neighbors: "Two boys were, I saw a trace, a big trail was. I came to the valley and found a trail, the pond came, they are from us from the slum". 

The damages exceed 15 thousand lei. The man has two children, and agriculture is the only source of income for the family. Now he hopes the policy will track down the individuals who have destroyed his work.

"Investigations are being carried out to establish guilty persons. They will be held under contraventional liability in accordance with 104 Article", said Gheorghe Catana, IP Hânceşti inspector. 

Persons found guilty are liable to a fine of up to 3,000 lei.

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