Bacalaureat 2018. Exams begun for high school graduates who studied in languages other than Romanian

Students who graduated High School have begun feeling the pressure of bacalaureat. The first to take the exam will be those who studied in a language other than Romanian. Nearly 3 000 candidates will take today an exam on Romanian language.

In three days, another 15 000 graduates will take an exam in their mother language.

Later, over 16 000 young people will take an exam in the foreign language they studied.

While on June 15, over 17 000 graduates will take their specialized exam.

The examination in chosen fields will take place on June 19 and it will be taken by over 15 000 candidates.

The last examination will take place on June 22 and it will be held in over 400 lyceums in the languages of ethnic minorities.

In total, this year the bacalaureat will be taken by over 18 000 candidates, out of them nearly 3 000 have previously failed to pass.

828 graduates will be exempted from examinations.

Bacalaureat will be held in over 90 centers.

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