BAC2017: More than a half of bachelors have passed the exams this year

More than half of bachelor students have passed the exam form the first session. According to the Ministry of Education report, the  promotion rate is about 53.75 %. The number has increased with 5 percent in comparison with the last year session.

Though, there have passed the BAC about 11 000 students this year. 

The biggest rate is in high school which is about 80 percent, more with 4 percent than the last year.

 There passed the BAC approximately 47% in Colleges, the number is increasing about with eight percent.

The candidates number is about 1,467 who took 8, in comparison  with the last year that is 1,316.

There are 264 candidates that obtained 9 degree and more. The number of candidates increases till 86%.

Meanwhile, this year there were eliminated about 8 candidates from the exam in comparison with 51 in 2016.

The candidates who not agree with the taken degree could contestate it in 24 hours.

The final result will be announced on the 6th July.

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