BAC-2016: Russian, Gagauz and Bulgarian students have their last exam on mother tongue

Last emotions in this session of high school exams. The students speaking Gagauz, Bulgarian and Ukrainian languages are having the sixth and last exam, of their mother tongue. In whole country are only 419 students who have this exam.

These students have six exams, in comparison with Romanian-speaker students, who have only four exams.

Today’s exam will be held in 11 Exam centres, two of them being in Chisinau.

From the total number of candidates, 171 students will take the exam of Bulgarian language, 160 – of Gagauz language, and 88 – of Ukrainian language.

The results of all exams will be posted on june 27, 2016, at the Exam Centres, and afterwards, each student might see his verified papers on the website

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