AWFUL! How Chisinau's Infectious Diseases Hospital Toma Ciorbă deposits hazardous waste (photos)

The president of the National Center for Consumer Protection (CNPIEC) paid a visit to the Toma Ciorbă hospital in Chisinau, after its mismanagement of medical hazardous waste was notified. The waste has been thrown recklessly. 

According to the Ministry of Health, hazardous waste includes: needles, needle syringes, disposable scalpel blades, pipettes, laboratory glassware or other broken glassware, which came in contact with infected material. These wastes are considered infectious, according to Universal Precautions.

The collection of the cutting-sting waste should be done in boxes with walls resistant to mechanical actions. These boxes must be provided with a special lid that allows the introduction of waste and prevents their removal after filling, having for this a definitive closing system. The material from which these boxes are made must allow incineration with minimal environmental risks. The boxes are marked with yellow and possibly with the icon "biological danger", because they contain wastes that are at the same time cutting and stinging and infectious.




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