Awesome wedding at Public Service Agency: Two PSA officers met and fell head over heels in love at work

Two employees of Public Service Agency (PSA) have arranged their wedding right at their workplace. Andrei Cucoș and Virginia Cucoș get married with gasps of clients' admiration. Double celebration at PSA because today is also the multi-functional center's first anniversary. 

"We met each other at the center. It's been three months. We fell in love and decided to wake up every morning together", said Andrei Cucoș. 

His bride, Virginia from Sîngerei, said this is "the dream". 

"At the bottom of my heart I feel love and happiness". 

After wedding, they immediately get back to work. 

This multi-functional center from Sângerei was opened in 2018. Over 100,000 documents have been issued since then. 

"We're happy to serve the people and be useful", said Vadim Crucieru, an employee. 

According to Sîngerei PSA director Maria Condurache, the wedding is welcomed at the center. 

"We're glad that our people choose to marry in the country and at the workplace. It means our service is competitive with other European countries", said Condurache.

There are around 39 multi-functional centers in Moldova, the most demanded in Chisinau. 

"There are roughly 300,000 services, 500,000 civil services, 500,000 Cadastral Service", said Vitalie Ciolac, PSA Vice director.

Over 3500 employees are working at multi-functional centers across Moldova. 

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