Awaited! Childbirth allowances raised considerably up to 10000 lei

PDM chairman Vlad Plahotniuc also approached the topic of unique indemnity at the weekly meeting of the party. 

"Democratic governance's support for family and children is also tabled today at the meeting, precisely, we discussed the indemnity offered to the newborns. 

This single indemnity is today 6303 lei, but we have good news here: that the economic situation allows us to come up with a proposal to increase it substantially, from 6,303 lei to 10,000 lei per childbirth. Besides, the state has provided gift boxes amounting to 1500 lei for each new child, within the program A New Life, said Vlad Plahotniuc

In order to support the families with children, we also come up with another important program undergone for a while. Each child in the Republic of Moldova, receives monthly 200 lei, until the age of 18.

"All these projects mentioned above, namely 600 lei Easter aid, doubling the heat payment compensation from 350 to 700 lei, increasing the unique childbirth allowance from 6,303 to 10,000 lei and the monthly allowance for each child in the amount of 200 lei until the age of 18, are already prepared, and in a few weeks, when a Parliament session is convened, we will vote in the first reading, at the second reading, according to the law, we will vote them in the next Legislative. " said Vlad Plahotniuc.

This means that immediately after the elections, when the next Parliament will be convened, the Democratic Party faction will be able to vote for these projects in final reading and you will begin to receive the money on these allowances, "Vlad Plaotniuc added.

PUBLIKA.MD reminds that fresh moms receive boxes with all necessities for new child from the state. The Government took over the successful project of Vlad Plahotniuc's foundation Edelweiss - A New Life and implements it throughout the country, both in private and state-owned maternity institutions. The goal of the campaign is to increase birth rates and to be with families in need of help.

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