Average salary in Moldova KEEPS rising (TABLE)

The average gross salary in Moldova rose by a real 0.9% on the year to 5,274 lei ($268/238 euro) in July, after posting 1.7% growth in June, statistics office data showed on Thursday.

In nominal terms, July's average gross wage was 8% higher on the year, the office said in a statement.

The average gross salary in the public sector was 4,717.1 lei in July, up 2.5% on the year in nominal terms.

In the private sector, the gross wage was 5,504.5 lei in July, up by a nominal 10.1% on the year.

In 2015, the average monthly gross salary in Moldova grew by a real 0.7% on the year to 4,610.9 lei.

(1 euro=22.0749 lei)

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