Autumn break begun for over 85 thousand pupils

Pupils are currently enjoying autumn break, therefore camps have advertised their offers. For a day filled with activities and including three meals, parents have to pay 200 lei. Here, children can attend courses for handcraft, gymnastics, debates etc. 

Children claim to love vacations, especially when it is spend cheerful and not in vain. New activities have taken their interests:

"I have been on that climbing wall. You mostly need to work with legs there."

"I can feel my muscles developing in my hands and legs. Using the climbing wall is wonderful."

"I rose to the top. -And how it was? -Very fun. -Were you not afraid? -No, I'm a man and I do not fear."

First grades can also attend art classes:

"I drew two flowers, a sun, two friends, my friend Laur and myself."

"I want to draw a girl and a puppy jumping happily on her."

The camping hosts around 40 children of different age category.

"We were expecting around 20 children top, but are happy that this camp is popular and children wish to come and take part in activities here" manager of education center Stela Petruşca declared.

Schools from the Capital also continue their after school activities.

"In Chisinau, there are around 20 centers for after school activities. Pupils continue to perform their traditional work. There are many institutions that organized trips, both around the country and international travel" Deputy Chief of General Directorate for Education of Chisinau, Viorica Negrei said.

Still, many parents declared that during this period children are left at home:

"On the first day of vacation we will go to a dentist. Then, there are the guitar lessons, we also have English private lessons and afterward we will go on a walk."

In the Capital, currently, over 85 500 children are on break.

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