Autistic children not allowed in state kindergartens: Nobody wants to accept the children

Autism remains a reason for discrimination in society. It also happens with autistic children who are not received in kindergartens because of the disease that generates a different behavior. And if they are received in these institutions, they are often treated inappropriately by educators. Since little ones remain outside the education system, parents are forced to seek private nursery centers.

Irina Spoialo also faced this problem. Because her boy is suffering from autism, he was not received in any state nursery:

"We woke up with some closed doors and those moments were very painful. I was crying during the nights because nobody wanted to accept the child."

Three years ago, this caused the woman to open a private kindergarten, where both her child and others could be institutionalized. Currently the kindergarten has 17 groups of 10 children each.

In kindergarten are activating specialists who know how to work with autistic children.

Although the law requires for all institutions to ensure the educational process of all children, it is not always respected.

"There are various reasons but we can generate some of ignorance as how to involve such a child in a school or a kindergarten, and hence the highest resistance - the inexperience" said Virginia Rusnac, head of the Republican Center of psycho-pedagogical assistance.

According to statistics, in Moldova are 280 children diagnosed with autism. In reality, this figure is much higher.

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