Authorities want to open new centers in order to increase transplants of organs

The authorities want to increase with 60% the number of renal transplants and with 45% the hepatic transplants in the next 5 years. The objectives are mentioned in the National Transplant Programme for 2017-2021.

In order to reach this number, it is planned the opening of two new centres of organs sampling, and the insurance of medical institutions with necessary equipment for the diagnosis of cerebral death.

In the next four years, the authorities want to increase the number of renal transplant surgeries to 50 per year, and those of hepatic transplant surgeries to 20 per year.

The statistical data show that in 2015 were carried out only 10 kidney transplants and 4 liver transplants.

One of the main problems of the decreased number of transplants is the lack of donors. Another problem is the lack of authorized medical institutions in the sampling or transplant of organs in the country districts.

Thus, in the new programme is foreseen the opening of Sampling Centres in Balti and Cahul.

Another objective is the starting of the cardio-pulmonary transplant, of stem cell transplant, and of cardiac valve transplant.

The implementation of the programme will prolong the lives of people, and will save money for the country.

For example, the price of a renal transplant is with approximately 160,000 lei less than one-year treatment of a patient through dialysis, which is ensured by the state.

For 2017, the budget foreseen for the National Transplant Programme is of approximately 60 million lei.

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