Audi ad comparing women to used cars, disgust and sexism

An Audi commercial equating women to used cars has riled up consumers in China.

The Chinese commercial opens with a young couple on the cusp of getting married, when the groom's mother suddenly interrupts the ceremony to inspect the bride.

After yanking the bride's nose and ears, and prying open her jaw to inspect her teeth, the mom appears satisfied and gives the couple the okay. She casts one last disapproving look at the bride's chest before the scene changes to an Audi driving through city streets as a voice-over says "an important decision must be made carefully."

The ad ends with a plug for used Audi vehicles, with the male narrator saying: "Only with official certification can you be rest assured."

It did not go over well.

A growing number of Chinese consumers have taken to Weibo, China's Twitter, to slam the German carmaker. Many called the ad sexist and some even vowed to boycott Audi vehicles.

Check the ad on Youtube

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