Attention! Last week to buy health insurance policy with discounts

This week is the last chance for Moldovans to buy health insurance policies with major discounts of 75%, 60% or 50%. 

The owners of agricultural land have 75% discounts. They need to pay 1014 lei to the territorial agencies of National Health Insurance Company (NHIC).

Individuals who carry out independent activity in the retail trade, except for the trade in goods subject to excise duties, benefit from 60% discounts. They need to pay 1622.40 lei to the NHIC territorial agencies.

Founders of individual enterprises, patent holders, tenants, other citizens who are not employed and are not insured by the Government, foreign citizens with temporary right of residence in the Republic of Moldova pay 2.028 lei, which is half of the medical insurance policy.

After April 1, persons who are not insured in the deadline set by the law will pay the whole AOAM, with a fine from 750 lei to 1,650 lei, and a late penalty (0.1% of the insurance policy for each of delay day). The insured status will be activated only seven days after the payment. 

The insurance can be procured at the offices of the Post Office of Moldova and the territorial agencies of NHIC.

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