Attention drivers! Updated winter road conditions across Moldova

Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure informs winter road conditions at the moment: some roads are snow-covered, including Chişinău-Orhei-Soroca-Otaci, Chişinău-Odessa, Chişinău-Ungheni-Sculeni, Chişinău-Leuşeni, Chişinău-Dubăsari, Chişinău-Bender, Anenii Noi-Căuşeni, Rezina-Orhei, Otaci-Edinet , Balti-Falesti-Sculeni and Balti-Sarateni.

Continuous snow-clearing works are implemented. Until 9:30, 244 workers were involved with 207 special machines, distributing 1712.4 tons of non-slip material. 

The Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure recommends that road users comply with the Road Traffic Regulation in force.

For further winter road conditions, we can access the websites and

The State Road Administration operates 24/24 non-stop at the numbers: 022-74-89-61, 022-22-55-30, 060477177, dedicated to informing citizens. At the same time, 40 video cameras are located on the national routes, which provide monitoring and visualization of the state of the roads in real time -

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