Attacker with knife against women, handcuffed on street in capital

A 28-year-old, born in Calarasi, was handcuffed by law people while walking on the street. He is suspected of serial burglary at night in apartments in Râşcani and Ciocana.

According to police officers, the suspect committed at least five robberies against women of age between 32 and 43 years. 

He traced his victims to the elevator, threatened them with knife and disposed of their personal bags with money, mobile phones and valuables.

Then he took all things and threw the bags. 

People who were his victims are able to come and submit applications to the Territorial Police Inspectorate.

The individual was a ex-detainee, recently released from prison, where he served his sentence for six years for similar crimes.

Currently, the offender is detained for 72 hours and risks jail of 8 to 10 years.

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